Name: Daria (Dasha) Rodneva

Grade: 11

Post-Secondary aim: Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Animation, or Seneca Animation 

About me: I am a hardworking student, wishing to find a career in the animation industry. I am especially interested in frame by frame animation, as well as character design, and I would also like to learn more about game design. I like fiction and enjoy creating fantasy characters. In school, I am in the CyberArts/Creative Centre and Arts and Culture SHSM programs, and I actively participate in school events. I am a president of the Animation Studio Club, where my role is to plan meetings and activities for the club and help students with their animations or other projects. Last year I participated in the Ontario Skills Contest, and this year, my friends and I took part in the 24 Hour Animation Challenge, scoring pretty high compared to colleges and universities. 

(Photo taken by Caydee!)

Jumping walkie talkie animation, Toon Boom Harmony. (3 different versions)
Ident for Animation Studio Club. Toon Boom Harmony. (in process)
Practicing animating effects.

24 Hour Animation Contest

Team: Dasha, Caydee, Samantha, San, Dahae. Scored fourth out of high schools and 92nd out of colleges and universities with 125 points. Toon Boom Harmony.

Ontario Skills, 6 Hour Competition

Ontario Skills Contest, 2023. Team: Dasha and Raya. Toon Boom Harmony and Photoshop.

Way to Wonder

Way to Wonder was a project for my Art of Business class, where we had to create a pitch for a kids show. I worked on this project with Caydee and a few of my other friends, where we all had our own roles. My role was the Environment Designer, which was a big part for our idea as it was set in a dream world. We then pitched the idea to Industrial Brothers, and they gave feedback on our work.

3D model of the main character’s house made with Blender.