DALIA – Interested in a Creative Career.

JAIME – Interested in a Creative Career.

DIANA interested in a creative career

PRECIOUS – is already taking commissions

Multiplane Sculpture (mixed media). See more Precious projects on the student’s website.

ABIGAIL – Interested in a Creative Career and is a founding member of the Animation Club.

ASARA A-C interested in career in animation. Would like to apply for OCAD U next year.

AYANLE – would like to be a comic artist

JHENZEN -interested in a creative career

CAYDEE – creative career goal she is a storyteller. Click to view portfolio.

CLOE – would like to peruse animation as a career

DOMINIC – interested in Concept Art

SAMANTHA – likes story creation, storyboarding, Animation, Character design… View portfolio here.

Creative Campany Ident project for the Art of Business course.

GUKESHAN -interested in post-secondary game design

SAN – loves animation, illustration and making comics. Click to view full portfolio.

DASHA – wants to persue a career in the animation industry. Click to view portfolio.

KALEAH – interested in a creative career

SHURUTHII – interested in a creative career

PRISCILLA – now in grade 10, produced the examples below in grade 9!