The TDSB Optional attendance form is now available and the CyberARTS applications for 2022-23 will be live very soon.


To apply for Optional Attendance & NHSS CyberARTS) requires the completion of TWO steps:

Step 1: Complete all sections of the TDSB optional attendance form. If you also want to be considered for Northview’s regular program, you must include it in the regular programs section.

  • The completed form must be signed by your current school principal’s or a designate (for example a Vice Principal).
  • Submit a completed paper copy of the optional attendance form to Northview Heights OR email it to (preferred method). The Board-wide due date is Friday January 28, 2022.

Step 2: Complete Northview’s Specialized Program Application form.

1) The application process requires the completion of BOTH the above-mentioned steps. Failure to complete these steps will nullify your application.

2) Completion of this application will require you to upload documents such as your last report card and other supporting materials if applying to our specialized programs. In preparation, be sure to have the documents already downloaded on your computer ahead of time.


  • Online application form: December 10th, 2021
  • Email 5-8 artworks: January 7th, 2022
  • Online interviews will take place 24-28 January, 2022
  • Student will receive a short art challenge that will be due the day before the interview.


We are looking for enthusiastic students who are willing to work in a variety of media. Digital art skills are not required.

Email to

The portfolio may include sketchbook pages, drawings, paintings, photographs, video, sculpture, digital drawings etc.

It must include a realistic pencil shaded self portrait. (See applicant example.) It should not be stylized e.g. cartoon, anime… etc.


The art challenge will be emailed the week before your interview. Students should spend 45-60 minutes on the task.

If you have any questions please contact the CyberARTS ACL