Bio: My Name is Samantha Luong. I am a 3rd Year Creative Center/CyberArts Student and a First Year SHSM student in the Arts and Culture sector

Goal: I would say “Art brings life to ideas.” But my goal is to expand on that and bring Art to life with my creations.

She aims to combine her passion for storytelling with games and design for a considerable future career doing UI/UX art and design within the game industry.

How I’m getting there is co-running NHSS Animation Studio and the subdivision Draw Jam, Taking courses out of the program such as Art of Business and Sculpting, and Joining in with many creative opportunities like Ontario Skills, 24hr Animation Challenge and the current opportunity with Nelvana!

Animation Studio

Sticker Creation


My Sticker Design and it’s product photos


Ontario Skills

Ontario Skills – Samantha & San. [ToonBoom Harmony]

Challenge of the Contest

Telling a story given audio

My Role In particular was brainstorming, Beat boarding, Storyboarding and Animating

Personal Work

SAMMIYANG projects

SAMMIYANG website in the works

https://www.figma.com/proto/Bolb78VPzt9XlO1yOw4l9X/Untitled?node-id=23-22&t=jkC7lpO4f3JY9oC4-1 – Website prototype


HUGME – About affectionate and unaffectionate friends

DIGITALSTAR – About being sucked in and finding out about the digital world, creating who I am today

Sketchbook Work

24 hr Challenge

5 students, 1 prompt, 24 hours and 4th in all high Schools !!

Pencil Rage – Dahae, Daria, Caydee, Samantha, San

Curricular work

Bunnie [Lace the Loop-in]

A fun play on the way we are taught to tie our shoes

Adobe Illustrator


Big Pitch to Industry Brothers. ( Magical Mythicals )

Animation Pool ideas

Wren’s Adventure

The animation pool needed to cool down from the deep topics so WRENS ADVENTURE was produced!

MISA.MU Productions

Reach for the Stars Beat Board

Northview Heights Secondary School