Bio: My name is San and I’m a grade 11 Creative Centre and Arts and Culture SHSM student at Northview Heights. I love animation and illustration and making comics. I have participated in the 2023 Ontario Skills Contest for 2D animation and the 24-Hour Animation Challenge. I strive to break into the animation industry as an animator, and perhaps work as a character designer or concept artist.

Post-secondary aim: 2D animator (western animation and anime), illustrator, comic/manga artist, and possibly Seneca animation.

Le Petit Prince (Ma 8e planète / My 8th Planet) Project

Our character was an astrochemist who worked for the businessman in the story.
Cutout pieces for the characters (from left to right: the Little Prince, The Intern)
Finished Planet (materials used: styrofoam, acrylic paints, cotton balls, cardstock paper, alcohol markers)

NHSS x Zombies



Short fight animation, using Toon Boom Harmony
Walkie-Talkie animation, using Procreate
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year animation for Animation Studio Club, using ToonSquid


In a world where robots and humans are divided, a robot wakes up from a deep sleep in an abandoned factory. As he spends more time exploring the world and meeting new people, humans and robots, he will soon discover his true origin…


24-Hour Animation Challenge

Final animation made in just under 24 hours – San, Caydee, Samantha, Dasha, Dahae

Ontario Skills Contest

Character Designs
Final animation – San, Samantha
Character Designs
In school contest animation – San, Samantha

Opposites Attract / Odd Couples

Sketchbook Pages (Generating ideas)
“Unexpected Foe” FInal Animatic, made in Toon Boom Harmony