Interview Portfolio

Submit 5-8 examples of your art, this can include: drawings, paintings, photographs, film, sculpture, digital drawing… etc. A sketchbook is recommended.

Your Interview Portfolio must include a shaded self-portrait using pencil. (See applicant example, right.)

We are looking for enthusiastic students!

Suggested Sketchbook Activities

Examples and challenges will be added to this page to help prospective students create a portfolio and sketchbook. Nothing on this page is a requirement.

Student Artist Research Page. The student looked at artwork by Ludwig Kirchner, then experimented with his art style. In this example the student parts of her room and the objects in it.


Draw 7-14 small portraits at different times of the day/week. Spend no more than two minutes on each and include the time of day as part of each sketch. You can draw in your sketchbook and/or on different surfaces e.g. bus transfer, cinema ticket, coffee shop napkin…

Creatively display the portraits in your sketchbook.

Stacked Books

Using a pencil create a line drawing of a pile of stacked books (minimum of 2). Shade and/or a “cross-hatching” technique to focus attention on the light and dark areas. You do not have to shade the whole drawing.

Materials: fine-liner or pencils e.g. 3H, HB and 2B.

Drawing Hair / Back of Head

A good challenge is drawing hair. Think about shape, value and texture, and not always the finer details.

The pencil strokes should always replicate the hair’s direction and the length. Highlights are always seen on rounded or protruding areas.

If you consider yourself a beginner, try filling a page of small practice drawings.

Materials: fine-liner or pencils e.g. 3H, HB, 2B and 4B.